Transportation Division


With India emerging as a global power in the new millennium, the government has realized the importance of developing the basic infrastructure in the country. The government is giving special impetus to the transportation sector so as to improve the rate at which commerce is conducted. Rapid reforms are made in the areas of roads, railways and ports.
MEIL has made its entry into the roads and railways sectors through the execution of the following projects.


MEIL’s Precision Engineering to the fore, Zojila Nilgrar Tunnel-1 Break-Through achieved

The crucial phase of tunneling where both ends of the tunnel meet, called Tunnel hole-through or break-through of the high altitude Zoji La tunnel at Nilgrar tunnel-1 took place on Diwali day in J&K. 
The workers proving the accuracy of the survey work, approached break-through point by taking utmost precaution and completed the technical challenge. They celebrated the break-through marking another milestone in the making of the Asia’s longest bi-directional tunnel.