Pressure Vessel Division


The Pressure Vessel Division of MEIL was established to cater to the needs of all fabrication activities for all MEIL projects. The unit also fabricates surge protective equipment. The fabrication of pressure vessels in accordance with ASME standards & the unit is also accorded with U, R and NB stampings.

  • The major milestones achieved by the unit in recent years are:
  • » By continuous improvement of production processes, the unit was upgraded to cater to the needs of oil & natural gas industry.
  • » The unit is well-equipped and has all required facilities to cater to customers’ demands and deadlines.
  • » The unit is committed to enhance customer satisfaction by supplying high quality products, meeting customers’ expectations, and exceeding them.
  • » The unit strives for continuous improvement of the processes and upgrading systems through training.
  • » The unit aspires to achieve the highest quality in accordance with quality standards, as per the ASME code requirements and other international standards.

Sample Products:

  • » Surge Protection Vessels
  • » Separators
  • » Heater Treaters
  • » Reactors
  • » Air Receivers
  • » Water Bath Heaters
  • » Manifold Headers
  • » Pre-heaters
  • » Knockout Drums
  • » Water Seal Drums
  • » CI Vessels
  • » PPD Vessels
  • » Closed Blowdown Tanks
  • » LP Heaters