Megha Gas



Project Name: Megha Gas
Location: Pan India
Industry: Hydrocarbons
Specification: The implementation of CGD will benefit 62 districts in 10 states.
Status: Ongoing
Megha Gas, the green fuel

Megha Gas, a subsidiary of the MEIL, launched operations across India under the ‘Green Fuel- Clean Fuel’ slogan. It supplies green fuels such as Piped Natural Gas (PNG) for domestic, commercial, and industrial consumers and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) for vehicles by establishing CNG stations. It employs eco-friendly processes in its operations. These green fuels have helped maintain and stabilise carbon footprints in modern times while improving people’s living standards in rural and urban areas.

City Gas Distribution

The Government of India initiated the City Gas Distribution (CGD) project to reduce India’s carbon footprint. The CGD allows access to cleaner fuels and creates green corridors. Megha Gas is instrumental in enhancing the ecological balance and improving the quality of life. It has been awarded 22 geographical areas (GAs) auctioned by the Petroleum Natural Gas Regulatory Board (PNGRB) across 62 districts in 10 states, a remarkable achievement. Another feather in its cap was in the 11th round of bidding, conducted by the PNGRB; it bagged 15 GAs, the highest number of CGD projects.

The CGD works are ongoing in 10 states namely Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Maharashtra and Rajasthan. As of now, 83 CNG stations were commissioned across the country and 180 stations are under construction.

As part of the CGD project, the company is establishing Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) stations, City Gate Stations (mother stations), and laying a gas distribution pipeline network. Its gas stations operate in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha and Madhya Pradesh and cater to industrial and transport requirements. Currently, its pricing for green fuel is the lowest. It set up the largest CNG station near Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Shamshabad in Hyderabad.

The MEIL’s manufacturing plant manufactures high standard steel and MDPE (medium density polyethylene) pipes for the CGD network. For the supply of PNG to households, the company is providing connections through reticulated gas pipelines.

Pipeline laying

It laid a standard pipeline in 11 regions in Karnataka. In Bengaluru and Belgaum, the company already supplies gas to residential areas and for commercial purposes. In Telangana it has built an extensive pipeline network covering 12 districts. It also laying the pipeline and constructing the gas gathering stations in remaining geographical areas mentioned by PNGRB.


Megha gas services will benefit the CNG and PNG Customers in 62 districts across the 10 states of India.