Godavari Drinking Water



Project Name: Godavari Drinking Water
Location: Telangana
Industry: Drinking Water
Specification: A water Treatment Plant with 735 MLD capacity.
Status: Completed
Asia's largest Water Treatment Plant
The Government of Telangana launched the Godavari Drinking Water Supply Scheme (GDWSS) in 2015 to cater to the drinking water needs of Hyderabad. It is one of the most significant drinking water projects in the state. The project draws river Godavari water from the Sripada Yellampalli project in the Peddapalli and treats at Asia's Largest Water Treatment Plant, built with a capacity of 735 Million Litres per Day at Mallaram, Siddipet.
The MEIL has built a pump house, power substation, a Master balancing reservoir, a Clear water reservoir, pipeline networks and other allied works for the project. Through this project, we have been quenching the thirst of millions of people in Hyderabad since 2015.