Hydrocarbons Division


The Hydrocarbons division of MEIL handles complex and specialized hydrocarbon projects covering civil, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation activities for the scope covering design & engineering, procurement, construction management, pre-commissioning and commissioning.
The team is focused on its EPC role in the hydrocarbon sector.
Over the years, the division has been executing major hydrocarbon projects with world class project execution capabilities. Our undertakings are in tandem with HSE practices and quality standards.

  • Some of the major capabilities of the Hydrocarbons Division are:
  • » Gas compressor plants
  • » Power plants (gas based)
  • » Group Gathering Stations
  • » Effluent water (produced) treatment plants
  • » Construction of API storage tanks
  • » Cross country pipelines network
  • » Flare Systems
  • » API Process Piping
  • » Water injection plants

With its outstanding expertise in process piping, structural fabrication, erection of rotary & static equipment, cross country pipeline laying, and tanks construction, which are in compliance with international standards, the Hydrocarbons Division of MEIL is all set to execute onshore & offshore petrochemical projects.

We have been enlisted with M/s. Engineers India Limited (EIL) & M/s. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) in India for supply of Pressure vessels and Heat Exchangers. We have our own well established U stamped Shop in Hyderabad. Our workshop is having all the facilities to manufacture & supply above items. We are backed by qualified promoters & personnel in Production, QC & Marketing with more than 25 years of experience working in manufacturing units.


Nazira Project – Laying of 2 nos. gas pipelines:

This project from ONGC was executed in the north-east region of India. The scope of the project involved the laying of approximately 20 km. of pipeline. This was the first 18-inch gas line for Assam Asset. The project cost was USD 3.5 million. The pipeline laying was completed successfully and handed over to the client.

Desalter project:

The project client is ONGC. The scope of the project is to enhance the production capabilities and improve the crude oil quality of ONGC’s western asset. This project stipulates the requirement of certain components with the following specifications: a vessel of 27/6 meters (one of the largest vessels manufactured at Pressure Vessel Division, MEIL) & a production capacity of 27000 cubic meters. The three desalter vessels that replaced the existing vessels are completely automated and run on cutting-edge technology. The approximate value of the project is USD 7.5 million.
The end-to-end production requirements of the project were handled by MEIL’s manufacturing facilities and EPC Team and the project was successfully commissioned.

Assam Renewal Project (ARP)

ARP is a prestigious project which is being executed for the client ONGC. The value of the project is about USD 600 million. This project is one of India’s largest onshore oil & gas field facilities for ONGC-Assam Lakwa fields on EPC basis.

The project includes:

  • » Laying of Well Fluid lines, Trunk lines (Oil & Gas), Gas Lift lines, Water Injection Lines
  • » Construction of Group Gathering Stations – 5 nos.
  • » Construction of Produced Water Treatment Plants – 2 nos.
  • » Construction of Water Injection Plants – 2 nos.
  • » Construction of Gas Compressor Plants – 2 nos.
  • » Construction of Captive Power Plant Gas Turbine driven 5 x 12.9 MW including Fuel Gas Conditioning System
  • » Construction of Gas Dehydration Unit
  • » Construction of Incineration Systems
  • » Construction of Crude Oil & Produced Water Storage Tanks
  • » 550 km. of cross country pipeline network
  • » Construction of advanced flare system to minimize the carbon footprint.
  • The objectives of the project are to strengthen the operational grid of the facility for the next 3 decades, develop & setup automated production facilities that minimize the need for human intervention, engineer state-of-the-art remote connectivity facilities that include well monitoring systems, wireless HART, wimax and triple play solutions, and reduce the carbon footprint of Assam Asset by reducing emissions & enabling carbon savings.The project is in an advanced stage of completion.


assam renewal project
assam renewal project
assam renewal project

Mehsana & Ankleswar Tank Construction Project:


The client for the project is ONGC and the project is being executed in Gujarat, India. The scope of work includes surveys, design, detailed engineering, procurement, fabrication, dismantling, construction, installation/erection, hook-up, testing, calibration, pre-commissioning and commissioning activities for Mehsana&Ankleshwar Tanks, which are API-650 complied..



assam renewal project
assam renewal project
assam renewal project

42 Storage Tanks Construction Project:

The project client is ONGC. The project is located in Gujarat, India. The scope of work for this project includes pre-construction surveys, residual engineering, procurement, transportation, fabrication/construction, installation/erection, hookup, hydro-testing, pre-commissioning and commissioning assistance for 42 storage tanks of various capacities ranging from 45 m3 to 2000m3.


MODEC Singapore:

The project client is MODEC Offshore Production Systems Pvt. Ltd, Singapore. The scope of the project involves the manufacture and supply of 3 nos. of LPGC suction coolers for FPSO. These vessels were fabricated in Pressure Vessel Division of MEIL as per TEMA & ASME standards, and were successfully delivered as per client requirements, in a very short span of time. The project was successfully executed in accordance to the norms of ABS certification.



Jamuna Fertilizers, Bangladesh:

The project client is Jamuna Fertilizers Co. Ltd., Bangladesh. The project has marked the division’s foray into the international arena. The scope of the work includes the design, manufacture, supply, erection, installation, testing, commissioning & performance guarantee test of Natural Gas Booster Compressor package for increasing gas pressure of existing system of Jamuna Fertilizers.

Jamuna Fertilizers, Bangladesh
Jamuna Fertilizers, Bangladesh
Jamuna Fertilizers, Bangladesh

The Pathfinder of India's energy sector:


MEIL is contributing to the nation in various ways. It is the country's first private player to manufacture an indigenous oil drilling rig, adding value to the Make in India and Aatmanirbhar Bharat initiatives. Making its mark in the hydrocarbon sector, it is establishing auxiliary units that manufacture drilling rig equipment. The company is well-equipped to manufacture, commission and operate off-shore and onshore oil drilling and service rigs! Its indigenous rigs, backed by advanced technology, are true examples of a "self-sufficient India" in Hydrocarbons.

MEIL is a global multi-sector conglomerate potentially emerging in India's energy sector. The company is a key and prominent player in Drilling Rigs, Refineries and City Gas Distribution. Its exponential growth in the Hydrocarbons arena proves its exclusive approach in the execution of Oil & Gas Projects. 


Jamuna Fertilizers, Bangladesh
Jamuna Fertilizers, Bangladesh
Jamuna Fertilizers, Bangladesh


Rajamundry ETPs:

The client for the project is ONGC. The scope of the project involves the construction and installation of three effluent treatment plants and laying of associated pipelines. A subsea HDPE pipeline of length 1.5 km., which requires specialized engineering, also comes under the scope of the project. The value of the project is USD 20 million approximately.

GLPUP – Cairn India Ltd.:

The project client is Cairn India Ltd. The project involves the construction of onshore mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and piping at Ravva oil & gas field in KG basin, India. The value of the project is USD 2 milion.

3 ETPs at Mehsana:

The project client is ONGC. The scope of the project involves construction & installation of 3-ETPs along with laying of associated GRE pipelines at Mehsana Asset. The value of the project is USD 28 million.

CGD Network Projects in Krishna District (A.P.), Tumkur District (Karnataka) and, Belgaum District (Karnataka):

The hydrocarbons division of MEIL is strategically investing into Business of Natural Gas as an authorized entity of City Gas Distribution Networks.The main objective of these projects is to develop the network in the geographical area to lay, build, operate and expand city or local natural gas distribution networks.
In recent times there is a major switch to CNG to pave way for a greener future. The usage of CNG will reduce the emission of gases like sulfur dioxide, particulate matter, volatile organic compounds, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide by a considerable amount. The potential benefits of natural gas are less emission of harmful gases that cause air pollution, reduce maintenance costs, and low energy losses. This investment is the second largest private investment in CGD Network Business in India.

City Gas Distribution network normally comprises of following major facilities:

  • » Laying of steel grid pipeline
  • » Laying of MDPE pipeline
  • » City Gate Station
  • » Mother Station
  • » CNG filling stations
  • » PNG Connections

The CGD Network Projects have been planned in Krishna district (A.P.), Tumkur district (Karnataka), and Belgaum district (Karnataka).

KNPC Al-Zour Refinery Project, Kuwait:

MEIL has made a landmark entry into the gulf region by bagging the KNPC Al-Zour Refinery Project in Kuwait. The scope of the project is to execute works relating to fabrication, erection and painting works for a total of 66 tanks in a span of 30 months.