General Infrastructure



Starting from a humble beginning of a company designing and manufacturing RF components, Antennas and Masts in 1989, ICOMM a group company of MEIL has, over the years, became one of India’s leading companies in Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC), providing comprehensive infrastructure solutions, primarily in Telecom, Defence, Power, Renewable energy. ICOMM distinguishes itself by having state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities across 110 acres of land with 900,000 sq. of built-up area for Telecom and Defence equipment. ICOMM R&D team is well equipped with best of infrastructure to provide innovative solutions to its clients.

ICOMM Defence Business Unit
ICOMM’s association with Defence sector spreads across various programs in the areas of Missile & EW. Several major projects are executed at Cherlapally unit. Secure Radio Communication (PMP & P2P) Networks, High Capacity Radio Relay systems, Jammer Power Amplifiers, Wind Profile RADAR (WPR) , Mil grade Shelters , Integrated Shelters, Carbon Composites, Telescopic Masts , Antennas , PCB Handling facility for Defence Electronics are manufactured as per the requirements of the Defence sector.

In-House facilities at ICOMM include, RF testing facility, a 15 meter 40GHz Anechoic Chamber, Environmental Stress-Screening (ESS). ICOMM is also catering to the requirements of DRDO. 

ICOMM’s present expertise with a future vision 
With all the Technical and Execution Strengths in place, and with the zeal to expand the capabilities of ICOMM even further, the ICOMM team has set its eyes upon the next level of Projects Requirements of the Indian Defence Industry. 

EPC Infrastructure for Power & Telecom

ICOMM design, engineer and manufacture power transmission towers, telecom towers, shelters for defence and telecom applications and custom designed special steel structures, including wind mill towers, television and radio towers. 
Over last two decades ICOMM has been associated in Missile and EW programmes with various defence agencies and companies nationally and internationally. 


ESI hospital
ESI hospital
ESI hospital


Unit-1 Pressure Vessel Division

The Pressure Vessel Division of MEIL at Unit 1 in Jeedimetla, Hyderabad was established to cater to the needs of all fabrication activities for all MEIL projects. The unit also fabricates surge protective equipment. The fabrication of pressure vessels in accordance with ASME standards & the unit is also accorded with U, R and NB stampings.

Major Milestones
By continuous improvement of production processes, the unit was upgraded to cater to the needs of oil & natural gas industry.
The unit is well-equipped and has all required facilities to cater to customers’ demands and deadlines.
The unit is committed to enhance customer satisfaction by supplying high quality products, meeting customers’ expectations, and exceeding them.
The unit strives for continuous improvement of the processes and upgrading systems through training.
The unit aspires to achieve the highest quality in accordance with quality standards, as per the ASME code requirements and other international standards. 
Sample Products
Surge Protection Vessels
Heater Treaters
Air Receivers
Water Bath Heaters
Manifold Headers
Knockout Drums
Water Seal Drums
CI Vessels
PPD Vessels
Closed Blow down Tanks
LP Heaters

New Initiative PSA O2 Generators 

MEIL is manufacturing Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Medical Oxygen Generators at its Pressure Vessel Division, Unit-. The Oxylife Model – 32 has a delivery capacity of 500 litres per minute. These PSA units can be directly put to use by hospitals as they utilise atmospheric air and produce lifesaving oxygen in a very short time. 


ESI hospital
ESI hospital
ESI hospital

Unit II - Pipes & Coating Division

The Pipes & Coating Division of MEIL was established and commissioned in October, 2008. Within a short span of 6 months, the unit achieved the API Monogram Certification. MEIL’s products are certified and accredited with:

•      ISO 9001:2015 certificate

•      API 5L (American Petroleum Institute) up to Grade X 80

•      BIS certificate IS 3589:2001   for Steel Pipes

•      BIS certificate IS 4984:1995   for HDPE Pipes

•      BIS certificate IS14885-2001 for MDPE Pipes

•      ISO 45001:2019


The plant is situated in an area of 45 acres at Survey No. 512, Gowdavalli village, Medchal-Malkajgiri District within approximately 19 kms from Corporate Office, 78 kms from Shamshabad Airport and 5 Kms from Outer Ring Road. The plant has a manpower of 324 + 250 Contractor Team.

Product Range  

Spiral Pipes , Coated Pipes (Food Grade Epoxy, Liquid Epoxy, Coal Tar Epoxy, Polymide Solvent Free Epoxy,Glass Flake,Tuffkote and PU), LPE coated  Pipes, HDPE, and MDPE.    

Spiral Pipes (Submerged Arc Helical Welded-SAWH):

Spiral Pipes (SAWH) production ranges from 400 mm to 3600 mm in diameter, thickness from 6 mm to 25mm and material, API-5L up to Grade X80 and IS grades.

The facility has a production capacity of 1, 50,000 MT per annum. All processes are run using state-of-the-art technology to improve quality and reduce wastages in cycle-times.

The technology and equipment for the Spiral mill are supplied by Jaewon Industrial Machinery Co Ltd, South Korea, and SHHM, China which includes Uncoiler, 1st leveler, Strip end cutting and joining, 2nd leveler, Edge milling, Main drive, Pre-bending, Main forming stand & run out table apart from finishing machines like, End bevelling, Hydro testing, Real Time Radiography, etc. SAW welding system are by Lincoln, Germany, Plasma cutting system for coil end cutting and pipe cutting are by Hypertherm, Singapore, Weld & Body Ultrasonic testing system by Sofratest, France.


External Coating:

The external coating facility is equipped to carry out anticorrosive coating on Carbon Steel pipes e.g. 3LPE, 3LPP, FBE, DFBE, etc. and is located in the same vicinity. It is one of the few facilities in India to have a fully automated plant.

Coating aims at enhancing the durability & corrosion resistance of the pipes. MEIL’s coating production ranges from 18” to 100” pipe diameter.

In case of 3LPE coating the first layer is of fusion bonded epoxy followed by a layer of Co polymer adhesive and topped by a polyethylene layer. The raw materials used in the process are procured from repute suppliers to guarantee quality of final product in accordance to required specifications.

Internal Coating:

Automatic airless spray paint system by VR Coating, Pune, is a two component painting system giving a uniform paint thickness on the inside of the pipe.

Apart from above external and internal types of coating, pipes are also coated with concrete, both inside and outside which is called in lining and Uniting with special equipment as per the requirements.

High density polyethylene (HDPE) & Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE) Pipes:

Plastic extrusion of pipe is a steady-state process for converting a thermoplastic raw material to a finished or near-finished annular product. The raw material is usually in the form of plastic granules. The conversion takes place by forming a homogeneous molten mass in the extruder and forcing it under pressure through an extrusion die orifice that defines the shape of the product's cross section.

The formed material, is cooled and drawn away from the die exit at a controlled rate. It can then be coiled or cut to a specified length. This steady-state characteristic produces some unique benefits and challenges as a manufacturing process. Extruded products are very long and continuous, and have a cross section that is usually constant with respect to the axis.

All plants are run 24x7 and many Mobile Hydra cranes to handle pipes and structures.

New Initiative PSA O2 Generators 

MEIL is manufacturing Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Medical Oxygen Generators at its Pressure Vessel Division, Unit-. The Oxylife Model – 32 has a delivery capacity of 500 litres per minute. These PSA units can be directly put to use by hospitals as they utilise atmospheric air and produce lifesaving oxygen in a very short time. 


ESI hospital
ESI hospital
ESI hospital

Megha Fiber Glass Industries Limited (MFGIL)

Megha Fibre Glass Industries Ltd has grown to become a recognised manufacturer of GRP/GRV/FRP Pipes and Fittings on Continuous Filament Winding Process Machine, which represents the state-of -the- art technology in production. MFGIL is the first plant in south India in manufacturing GRP/GRV/FRP Pipes with CFW (Continous Filament Winding) technology established in 2008.  

MFGIL manufactures FRP components, FRP tanks, FRP Automobile parts, FRP Decks & Highly abrasion resistance pipes for FGD’s, PVC pipes, HDPE PLB duct & Unsaturated polyester Resins.

MFGIL manufactures GRP/GRV/FRP pipe ranging for 300mm to 2600mm dia & PVC pipes up to DN 250mm complying with national & international standards.

The MFGIL is an ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001: 2018 certified company.  It has BIS certification IS 12709 /IS 14402 for all the dia pipes ranging from 300 mm to 2600 mm.  MFGIL has in house Pipe design, testing facility for FRP composites & Thermoplastics, 

Manufacturing capacity:

GRP/GRV/FRP Pipes:  300 Km per Annum  

PVC pipes:   4320 Tons per Annum

PLB HDPE ducts:  3024 Tons Per Annum

Unsaturated polyester Resins: 3600 Tons Per Annum

MFGIL supplied approx. 1100 Km of GRP/GRV/FRP pipes & fittings to various sectors i.e. irrigation, water supply, power plants sewerage sectors etc. MFGIL turnover is approx.  INR 55 Cr.  

GRP & GRE Pipes

GRP Pipes

MFGIL-GRP manufactures Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) pipes, with a considerably large diameter (up to 2600 mm) on CFW machine. This process allows the use of continuous glass fibre reinforcements in the circumferential direction. The production activities are carried out under controlled conditions with continuously advancing Mandrel process.

MFGIL can manufacture GRP pipes from a nominal diameter of 300 mm to 2600 mm, and fittings with different stiffness and pressure classes by complying with national and international standards.

MFGIL has an in-house pipe design, R&D department, and a complete test facility. The unit has a fully integrated facility of manufacturing and testing of GRP pipes, as per quality standards. MFGIL has a production capacity of about 300 km. per year.

GRE Pipes

MFGIL manufactures Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) pipes on helical filament winding process. It is the first plant in South India to manufacture API monogram GRE pipes with diameters ranging from 50 mm to 300 mm diameter. They are extensively used in oil & gas sector. In this process, filament is wound in a helix angle which gives more mechanical strength. The complete process is controlled through SCADA system.

MFGIL manufactures GRE pipes of different pressure classes while complying with national and international standards. The GRE pipes are manufactured on a fixed mandrel in lengths ranging from a minimum of 3 meters to a maximum of 9 meters. MFGIL has an in-house pipe design, R&D department, and a complete test facility.

MFGIL also houses a fully integrated facility for manufacturing and testing of GRE pipes as per quality standards. The GRE plant has a production capacity of 150 km. per year.


ESI hospital
ESI hospital
ESI hospital

Unit IV – Fabrication & Machine Shop: 

This 3 acre facility is a newly established specifically for machining activities of large castings and fabricated equipment, especially for Heavy pumps and accessories. 

It also has Heavy Equipment Fabrication capacity with 50 / 25 MT EOT cranes and mobile Hydra Cranes to facilitate material handling. Different types of Welding machines used for SMAW / MIG / SAW welding are available. Skilled manpower with qualified welders are engaged for fabrication activities. 

Major machines installed:

Vertical Turning Centre, Vertical Lathe Machine, Floor Boring Machine, Table Boring machine, Vertical Turning Lathe Machine, Heavy Duty Centre Lathe, Milling Machines, Light Duty Lathes and Radial Drilling Machines and other related machinery

For various fabrication works, over 35 nos. of SMAW (Shielded Arc Metal Welding) machines, 10 no’s GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding) machines, different types of Grinding machines and other fabrication related equipment are available for above types of fabrication works. 
Different types of fabrication works are carried out like, EOT cranes, Stop Log gates, Trash racks, Embedded parts, Oil rig equipment, etc.


ESI hospital
ESI hospital
ESI hospital