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In the power vertical, MEIL has electrified more than 250 villages in Karnataka, 800 villages in Telangana, and is supplying power to more than 2 lakh households in Madhya Pradesh. MEIL is also executing major works in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, etc. The company has also built photo-voltaic and concentrated solar power plants in the states of Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh respectively.
All the works awarded to MEIL in the power sector are based on its own Pre-Qualification Criteria (PQR). Almost until 2009-10, the company did not have PQR in even the 11 kV segment. However, due to our project execution efficiencies, we have executed complex works in even the 765 kV segment.

  • MEIL’s Expertise in the Power Segment
  • » Design, engineering & execution of HVAC transmission line projects in the class of 765 KV and 400 KV
  • » Design, engineering & execution of 400 KV and above AIS and GIS substations
  • » Design, engineering & execution of solar PV (thin film and crystalline) technology projects
  • » Design, engineering & execution of Solar plants on CSP technology
  • » Design, engineering & execution of small hydroelectric power (SHEP) projects on canals
  • » Design, engineering & execution of SHEP projects in Himalayan terrain
  • » Thermal power projects
  • » Gas-based power plants
  • » Balance of work of power plants

Power Generation

Renewable Energy

50 MW Solar Plant, Anantapur:

MEIL Green Power Ltd., a subsidiary of MEIL, has successfully executed and delivered the state-of-the-art 50 MW Solar Thermal Plant at Anantapur in Andhra Pradesh on Build-Own-Operate basis using Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) on a parabolic trough system. This is one of the first and pioneering solar thermal power plants under the National Solar Mission Phase-I aimed at generating large-scale Solar Renewable Energy.
The project was completed by adhering to the highest quality standards and with the development of a green belt. As a renewable energy project, the plant will contribute to a significant reduction in carbon emissions.
The commercial operations of the plant commenced from 4th November 2014. This is second such plant in India to be successfully commissioned.

sakri solar plant
sakri solar plant
sakri solar plant

2x25 MW Sakri Solar PV Project:

The project was completed in record time by starting in November, 2012 and completing it on 31st March 2013 and marks a milestone in MEIL’s strengths in the area of renewable energy.
This is a signature project for MEIL that involves 4 lakh solar modules, 6000 MTs of structural erection, 80000 foundations, 96 inverters, 120 LT/HT panels, over 2000 km. of cabling, over a million interconnections, on 420 acres of undulating and rocky terrain.

sakri solar plant
sakri solar plant
sakri solar plant

10 MW Canal Top Project:

This project is one of the first of its kind in the world that aims to produce green energy through its strategic canal-top location. Such a location would save costs relating to land acquisition. The plant will also save millions of liters of water from getting evaporated. Because of its multiple advantages, the project is looked upon as a model plant by other state governments.
MEIL, in the role of an EPC contractor, was entrusted with the execution of the 10 MW solar project. The execution of the project required specific design and construction methodology due to the restricted construction space that runs for a long span of the length of the canal. The plant is built using Solar Photovoltaic Crystalline Technology with around 33800 solar panels. The plant was connected to the grid on 21st November 2014 and the plant was successfully commissioned on 24th November 2014 – within 3 days of grid connectivity. UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-Moon inaugurated the solar plant at Vadodara on 11th Jan 2015.
Global Consultancy Company KPMG listed the Narmada Canal-top Solar Project in its Economic Power Projects Report which listed out the world’s top 100 innovative infrastructure projects. The project is one of the six projects selected by KPMG from India.

Canal Top solar project
Canal Top solar project
Canal Top solar project

Conventional Power

Thermal Power & related works

Tuticorin Thermal Power Project Stage IV - 1X525 MW :

The project is implemented as an Independent Power Project (IPP) of TANGEDCO (formerly TNEB). This imported coal-based plant (1.44 million MT/year) is situated adjacent to existing 5 X 210 MW Tuticorin Thermal Power Station of TANGEDCO and is being implemented in 3 Stages. The project is located within VO Chidambaranar Port Trust (formerly Tuticorin Port Trust).



Hydel Power

Lambadaug Hydro Power Project :

MEIL’s scope involves execution of civil, electrical transmission works of the 25MW Lambadaug Hydro Power Project. The plant is located in Himachal Pradesh.


lambadaug project

Power - Transmission & Distribution

WUPPTCL Project:

The scope of this BOOT project involves the construction of 7 substations (AIS & GIS) and laying of 1116 ckt. Km. of 765 kV and 400 kV transmission lines. WUPPTCL project is the biggest of its kind in India that is being executed by MEIL. Keeping in view the complexities involved in the execution phase, the management was wary of the fact that even minor delays could lead to heavy penalties. Therefore, vital aspects like engineering, system design & equipment parameter selection were closely monitored to ensure timely execution of the project. For the convenience of project management and execution, the project was divided into three lots.

This is the first instance in a project where more than 3 stations will be controlled from a single point. The project team has been dealing with more than 50,000 farmers/land owners for construction of this BOOT Project. On the strength of the completion of this project, MEIL will become one of India’s prime transmission line contractor.

The project team successfully Charged Lot 1 Elements by taking supply from 765 KV PGCIL Agra Meerut Line to G Noida SS (Consisting of 208 KM of 765 / 400 KV S/C Line, G Noida 765 KV AIS and Sikandarbad 400 KV AIS SS) on 17th March 2016 at First Attempt Without Any Fault Alarm. This is the biggest substation of 765 KV capacity constructed and commissioned on BOOT basis in India.

WUPPTCL project
WUPPTCL project
WUPPTCL project

440 kV Transmission Line, Shankerpally

MEIL commissioned the 400 kV Transmission Line of 105 Km. & 400 kV/132 kV substation switchyard in Shankerpalli on which we have also collected handover certificates. With regards to the overall time of execution, we have created history for the client APTRANSCO.

440 kV Transmission
440 kV Transmission
440 kV Transmission

KPTCL - Itnal

The project was commissioned in March 2014. The scope of work involves laying of more than 45 km. of transmission lines and will electrify about 150 villages in Karnataka.

RE Feeder Separation Program (Indore & Jabalpur)

Lots 20, 21, 22 & 23 of the project, executed by MEIL, was inaugurated by the Honourable Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh. Through this project we cover 12 districts in the state with an aim to provide 24-hour power supply to domestic households & 10-hour supply to agricultural consumers.

AP Transco Chittoor-Nellore Bays Extension

The project, commissioned in 2013-14, involves works for a total of 4 nos. of 400 kV bay extensions (2 each in Chittoor and Nellore) on turnkey basis. Once operations begin, the project will cater to the power needs of almost 350 villages in Andhra Pradesh.