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The MEIL has touched millions of lives globally with an array of drinking water projects. The MEIL has created robust drinking water systems, marshalling its expertise in creating solutions for the efficient utilisation of water. The company has changed the portrait of potable water across several geographies in the world. It has worked closely with the States, the Government of India, and governments of several other nations on drinking water projects. It has built water infrastructure to cater to the drinking water needs of rural and urban landscapes. 

Mission Bhagiratha

Mission Bhagiratha is a prestigious project executed by the MEIL, benefiting a substantial population in over 50 lakh (five million) households in 33 districts of Telangana. The company has completed a significant portion of the project to provide safe drinking water to households. It has addressed the protracted drinking water challenges in many regions in the State.

It has laid a 25,000-km pipeline network, double the length of the earth’s diameter as part of mission Bhagiratha.  Infrastructure was created to provide safe and clean drinking water through tap connections to all households. This mitigated the drudgery of fetching water from long distances for consumption in many areas. 

Relief from the decades of Kidney infirmities in the Uddanam 

Water contamination leading to kidney dysfunctions among human beings in the Uddanam area of Srikakulam district in Andhra Pradesh has drawn national and international attention. Over 34,000 people were diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in 2015. The people depend on the nearby rivers Bahuda and Mahendra Tanaya which dry up during harvest, turning the area into a CKD hotspot. 

This disease has drastically affected people's life expectancy and livelihood in Uddanam. They are forced to live in substandard conditions due to their impoverished economic situation. Therefore, it is difficult for the people of Uddanam to seek dialysis or kidney transplantation. 

The MEIL empathetically responded to the people's woes due to the CKD situation. It is executing a  safe drinking water project by setting up a water treatment plant using advanced technologies like cascade aerators to combat the scourge in this region. 

Quenching the thirst of Hyderabad

To cater to the drinking water needs of Hyderabad, the MEIL has executed the Godavari drinking water supply scheme (GDWSS) by drawing water from Sripada Yellampally Project in the Peddapalli district. The company has constructed Asia's most enormous 735 million litres a day (MLD) water treatment plant under GDWSS in Telangana.

The MEIL has built the required infrastructure for the project, such as a clear water reservoir, power substation, pressure unit, telemetry unit, a communication unit, and the pumping station headworks construction and water delivery network. In addition, MEIL has also constructed a massive master balancing reservoir with a capacity of 150 MLD.

Sharing Odisha’s dream 

The MEIL has made its mark in the modern history of Odisha with its extensive projects. As a result, the living standards of millions are improved with the availability of drinking water in numerous regions of Odisha. 


Unleashing rural growth potential, the MEIL has executed the rural drinking water project in Sundergarh. It has built water infrastructure and utilised the river Sankha water to deliver drinking water to rural households in 88-gram panchayats in Sundergarh district. 

ii. Bhadrak

The MEIL has executed a project to provide piped drinking water to 526 villages in the Bhadrak district. The company has built water infrastructure and distribution systems to optimise utilisation. Using the river Kharasrota water, the project meets the needs of mining-hit and saline-affected rural households in the region. 

iii. Keonjhar
Creating infrastructure and laying pipelines in hilly terrains are great challenges to build projects. However, the MEIL has overcome these critical hindrances through its expertise and experience and executed a project to provide safe drinking water to rural habitations in the Keonjhar district. 

iv. Jajpur

The company is executing a piped drinking water supply project to address the prevalent water crisis in rural areas in the Jajpur district. It is creating infrastructure such as intake wells, elevated storage reservoirs, and others to provide clean water to the thirsty population in the neighbourhood. The waters of Brahmani, Baitarani, and Genguti rivers are used in this project. 

Decades of the water crisis in 'Sun City' ends

Jodhpur is the second-largest city in Rajasthan, and it has witnessed a perennial deficit of drinking water for decades. The MEIL's Surpura project provides clean drinking water round-the-clock for a cluster of villages situated on the threshold of the Thar Desert.

The paradigm shift in Tanzania’s drinking water ecosystem

The MEIL is responsible for the execution of water supply projects in Tanzania as part of the Lake Victoria Water Supply Project Extension. MEIL has created the required infrastructure, such as elevated reservoirs, ground reservoirs, water kiosks, and other facilities needed. 

This initiative will provide drinking water to the communities in Tinde, Shelui, Tabora, Nzega and Igunga. As a result, women in these regions will no longer have to walk miles to carry drinking water to their homes. Children can concentrate on their studies without being distracted by daily adversity.

The water distribution centres built by the MEIL would serve as gathering places for community members to exchange ideas and experiences, affecting the way people live and think.