Alamburu & Uttur Drinking Water Project



Project Name: Alamburu & Uttur Drinking Water Project
Location: Karnataka
Industry: Drinking Water
Specification: Drinking water cum tank filling project.
Status: O&M
First tank filling project
The Alamburu Drinking Water Project is Karnataka’s first major drinking water cum tank filling project. This project was successfully implemented by the MEIL by lifting 2.93 cumecs of water from the Kabini River in south Karnataka.
This river water is now being pumped into four major tanks in the drought- prone taluks in Mysuru and Chamarajanagar districts. Ever since the project was implemented, villages where the tanks are being filled, have seen a major transformation.
Not only has the groundwater table improved remarkably, the project has also benefitted farmers in their agricultural activities. Potable water is also being supplied to as many as 91,786 persons. The project, which was awarded to the MEIL by the Cauvery Neeravari Nigam Ltd in February 2012, was executed in four stages.
Project overview
In the first segment, works like the construction of a pump house, installation of three pumps, and laying a pipeline network of 15.62 km; were carried out.
In the second segment, water from River Kabini was to be lifted and pumped into six tanks. The company constructed a pump house and substation and laid a pipeline network of 11.3 km for this purpose.
In the third segment, the company constructed a pump house to lift the river water to fill 10 tanks. It also laid a pipeline network of 14.68 km. Works on these three segments, which were taken up in February 2012, were completed on time in August 2014.
As per the agreement, the operation and maintenance period for this project was three years. The company however extended the O&M period by a year, as a goodwill gesture. It maintained the project from August 15, 2014 to September 30, 2018, and subsequently handed it over to the CNNL.
Uttur DWP
The last segment of the project is named Uttur Drinking Water Project. Here, the infrastructure major was tasked with filling 11 tanks in Chamarajanagar district. Four pump houses were built and a pipeline network of 16.9 km was also laid. Works, which were taken up in June, 2017, were completed in March, 2018. The company will maintain the project for a period of five years, before handing it over to the government by December 2022.