Arsikere Drinking Water Project



Project Name: Alamburu & Uttur Drinking Water Project
Location: Karnataka
Industry: Drinking Water
Specification: Pumping River Hemavathi water to water starved villages.
Status: O&M
Safe water for Arsikere
The Arsikere Drinking Water Project was commissioned to supply potable water to the drought-prone villages in Hassan district, Karnataka. For decades, as many as 64 gram panchayats in Arsikere were grappling with groundwater contamination.
To address this problem and to ensure a stable supply of potable water to these villages, the Karnataka government launched this drinking water project. The project entails the lifting and pumping of the River Hemavathi water.
The project, which was awarded to the MEIL in February 2017, saw the construction of a pump house on the banks of River Hemavathi. The company also laid a 919-km pipeline network, cutting through major roads and highways.
A 22.04 MLD capacity water treatment plant was installed, and two substations were also established. In addition to these, the company also set up a sophisticated laboratory in the taluk to test the purity of the water.
The project, which was completed in March 2020, is presently under operation and maintenance for a period of five years. It is benefitting over 2.40 lakh people in 530 habitations.